Daniel Grebe
Surfer & Photographer.
Cape Town, South Afreaka.
Lines of symmetry & simplicity.
Eternal Optimist.

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Anonymous : Where do you live?

I live on the third planet closest to the sun. 

Cape Towns most famous celebrity, Table Mountain viewed from the top of Lions Head.http://www.facebook.com/grebephoto

© Daniel Grebe

Yashica-Mat Medium Format TLR // Kodak Ektar 100

Post Processing: http://rossnortier.tumblr.com/

The Cape storms unleashed their power last week, forcing this little sailboat, Belle Andrea to the shore of Misty Cliffs. © Daniel Grebe

Still my favorite Color Space.

No the most perfect barreling peak… But its all about the adventure, really. 
Misty Cliffs
©Daniel Grebe

Very stoked and happy to have another one of my images blown up onto Canvas and hanging on someones wall space. Its a great feeling to see the happiness and excitement on a clients face brought out through an image.© Daniel Grebe

Dougal Patterson at Sunset Reef, Cape Town, South Africa.
© Daniel Grebe

The Object.Another image from the series I’ve been working on.I met this guy on the side of the road near where I live. He was walking along the side of an empty secluded road, wearing torn, dirty clothes, a packet in his left hand and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on his right side. I stopped and asked to take his photo and he replied with a big smile and a very enthusiastic, “Yes sir!”. I explained my assignment to him, and he emptied out everything he had in his pockets at the time. This was everything. I noticed he had a ‘26’ tattooed on the back of his left hand, which I questioned him about. He then told me that he was in a gang, the ‘26’s’. There were also 27’s and 28’s and a few others. I had heard a few rumors about these gangs before but never really new the whole story behind them He then proceeded to tell me that he got the tattoo whilst serving time in jail for rape and murder. Thats what the ‘26’ gang was notorious for. He served a full twelve years, he said, in 8 different jails. Twelve years seems a bit short of a punishment for an act like that, but I took his word for it none the less. He said hes a changed man now though, and he likes to live a nomadic, simple and free life by himself with the company of his dog, whose name was Meisie, just appreciating each day for what it is, and surprisingly enough, he said he was happy with the little bit he had. Despite his dark past, he seemed to be a rather wise and friendly old man. © Daniel Grebe

Hank & Tarryn Bento.
©Daniel Grebe

K1000 - The work horse
© Daniel Grebe

Personal Objects.
A sneak peak at an extract of work from a sequence of images I’ve been working on for an assignment at college. I asked random individuals to empty out whatever they had in their pockets at the time and hold it out in their hands. I learnt quite a lot about these individuals from the possessions they carried on them. 

©Daniel Grebe  

Disregard.I had seen this man a few times on different occasions, always walking on the side of the road with his dog, I had never really paid much attention to him and always just carried on driving and went on with life. Today I stopped, I got out my car, we exchanged greetings and asked if I could speak to him for a bit and if he was willing to tell me a bit about him.This guy had quite a life story to tell, his words trembled as he recalled memories and emotions from different events and the different paths of life he chose to take instead of others, each having their own consequences and outcomes. Spending a bit of time hearing about everything this person had been through in life, and is still going through, was a real eye opener for me. And it made me that much more grateful for what I have in life and the opportunities I’ve been privileged to have. And also the people Im lucky enough to call my family and friends. We should all be this grateful, and we should all try not disregard others, and just push them aside and think only of ourselves and our lives. There are many people out there who can only dream to have the lives we live. Yet we treat each day as if its just another ordinary day. Think about others, be grateful for what you have, and do not disregard those who are less privileged than you are. Put a smile on your face, reach into your heart and give others a bit of your time. You may just change someones life around and make them feel that little bit more significant .© Daniel Grebe

Adventure and Solitude go hand in hand.
© Daniel Grebe